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This is a list of currently available releases and publications.


2014, February: “Abstract State-warp Machines”, or “ASwM” for short. A Twine game, an interactive fiction piece in (mostly) blank verse, a science fiction story about the difficulty of advancing practical science, and a contemplation about the power of money, the power of death and the power of love. For the time being, ASwM can be playread at; please click here to begin. An updated/finalized ASwM is in the works, expect more information when it’s done.

2015, December / 2016, December: Past the Layered Stones: The Collected Poetry of past.the.layered.stones.300dpiJared Quieton Ilyief Vile. My first poetry collection, published as an e-book (2015) and a print-on-demand book (2016). Short description: “In the mid-30th century, a poet and vocal opponent of a militant regime disappears in the middle of the brutal interplanetary war he protested fiercely against. Thirteen centuries later, a distant descendant – his great-great-granddaughter – discovers an entire collection of his poetry that lay forgotten and unknown amidst old papers. She decides to publish the collection.” Additional information and a sample are available on the book’s Amazon page. You can currently purchase the book in Amazon/Kindle territories (link to e-book on German site).

2018, July: “Lone Wolves (at the Breach)”. A short story published as part of the collection Border Stories: Narratives of Peace, Conflict and Communication in the 20th and 21st Centuries. Edited By Beate Greisel, Tanja Konrad, Senta Sanders and Heike Schwarz, the collection is a mixture of creative and academic work which revolves around the overarching topic of borders. Published by Peter Lang. Additional information and a very brief sample/extract are available on the publisher’s webpage for the book. Can be purschased from most bookstores, e.g. Amazon.


2014, March: “Umweltimaginationen und ökologische Erzählungen in englischsprachigen Science-Fiction-Werken aus zeitgenössischen Medienkulturen außerhalb des UK und der USA” (“Environmental Imagination and Ecological Narratives in Anglophone Science Fiction from Contemporary Media Cultures outside of the UK and the USA”). Article published in the interdisciplinary anthology “Just Politics: Ökokritische Perspektiven im postkolonialen Raum” (“Just Politics: Ecocritical Perspectives in the Postcolonial Space”). You can find the publisher Unrast Verlag here and the publication webpage here. The book can be purchased from as well. I am also planning to prepare an English version of the article in the future.

2016, August: “From a Galactic War to a Hydrogen Sonata: Warfare and Ethics in the Culture Novels of Iain M. Banks”. Article published in issue 124 (Summer 2016) of Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction. The journal is published by the Science Fiction Foundation. Here is also its homepage.

2017, August: “Long-form Storytelling in Science Fiction Videogames”, a rapid-fire academic presentation for a non-academic audience delivered at WorldCon 75 in Helsinki, Finland. Slides released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives (CC-BY-NC-ND) 4.0 International License. Please click here to download (ver. 1.2, 2017-10-29, printable PDF, 23 MB).

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