Current Projects

I am working on several projects right now.

  • My doctoral thesis. It has been under construction for the past several years and is slowly nearing completion. The tentative title is “Contact, Scarcity, Empire: Armed Conflicts and Cultural Entanglements in Anglophone Science Fiction”. A brief description: my dissertation aims to explore the global entanglements between limited resources, armed conflicts, cultural differences as well as imperial/colonial and contact processes in English-language (anglophone) science fiction narratives from around the world. Science fiction stories, however unrealistic, remain almost always bound to the cultural, economic, historical and social realities of their creators, and as such inevitably (though often indirectly) comment on the shared human reality of inequalities, economic crises and deep social divisions. Anglophone science fiction outside power centres such as the UK and the USA frequently examines ethical questions about the preservation of, redistribution of and equal access to diverse resources – from money, to the raw wealth of natural resources, to highly complex very-large-scale systems such as the planetary environments required for the sustenance of life. Such stories unavoidably implicate armed conflicts, the instrumentalization of cultural differences as justification for conflict, the uses and abuses of technologies in conflicts, and last but not least – the search for peaceful resolutions and possible future coexistence.
  • Project no. 2 seems to be an interactive fiction thing like ASwM but on a different theme and perhaps a different scale. It’s still in its early conceptual stages and hasn’t grown much since this page was first set up. As long as it manages to survive as an independent entity in my brain’s wild landscapes, though, you can be sure I’ll be working on it.
  • Last but not least, there is one other secret project which I have numbered 3,1415…, or “Humble Pie”. It currently takes the form of an obsessive idea about a character and a certain thing that character does, a certain way of life, way with people, way with things. Where this character comes from and what will happen to them – I have no idea yet, it’s a mystery even to me. Let’s see where that mystery leads me to.

More information will be available in the Blog & News section as things move ahead.

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