Ivaylo R. Shmilev (usually shortened to Ivo Shmilev) is a poet/writer and a scholar of science fiction who currently lives in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. His creative and scholarly work has appeared in diverse virtual and actual locations. Please see the respective pages for detailed info.

Now seriously though: Ivo Shmilev is, in reality, a confusionerationist. Confusionerationism is a philosophical ideology which describes, or at least attempts to describe, the chaos which ensues when people, in their basic, default and most wide-spread mode of existence, creatively and unexpectedly fuse things, while others become confused because they have not paid/are not paying attention to said unexpected creative fusion. Politically speaking, confusionerationism has a confederationist streak and insists on the multiplicities and multiple recontextualisations of emergent or other complexities. Confusionerationists principally seek systematic peace and the endless constructive renegotiation of human existence which results in chaotic surprises across scales. A rather simple ideology, this one.

Also, Ivo Shmilev’s evil twin, known as Evil Ivo because that moniker rhymes well, happens to be a virtual cosmonaut – and under ‘virtual’ one should understand every scrap of notion the word signifies. Evil Ivo has been to many places in this universe and has heard thousands of stories. He’s planning on telling a couple of them someday soon. Er…that did sound like a threat, didn’t it? He can assure you it’s no such thing.

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