Greetings! As a result of your choice or due to unforeseen circumstances, you have arrived at the website of Ivaylo Shmilev. That’s me – and I’m glad to have you here!

I have established this little website as an internet foothold for myself; it will contain information about the various little things I have been and am working on these days. If you’d like to, head over to Releases & Publications for info on things already done, read about my Current Projects, or have a look at the list of my past and future Appearances. You can also contact me using the Contact form. Finally, Blog & News will be slowly filling up with thoughts and news as they happen to happen.

This site will most probably change in the coming weeks as I figure out how to do one thing or another and add some functions I find useful. Please bear with me, this is the first site I run on my own and I’ll need time to iron out the kinks. Thanks for your understanding, and:

Enjoy your stay!

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